Roc is a transmasculine Tampa based trainer and social justice educator who received their Bachelor of Science in Sports & Leisure Management from Eastern Connecticut State University where they were a student-athlete and received a M. Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of South Florida. Roc is the Founder of Rooted Resistance, LLC an organization that is committed to creating socially just wellness environments for transmasculine people. Rooted Resistance facilitates accessible functional strength training as a form of resistance for the LBGTQPAI community and historically untapped intersectional populations. Roc believes in collective responsibility and is committed to reimagining and creating fitness spaces for the Queer and Trans community.

Formerly, Roc served as the Director of Educational Leadership for GO! Athletes: a network of present and former student athletes who advocated for education and inclusion in sport for LGBTQ athletes. Consulting and contributions include: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Nike LGBT Sports Summit, Elms College, Metro Wellness St. Petersburg, Florida, American International College, Intercultural Student Leadership Conference. Roc is passionate about racial and gender justice and believes political education is critical to understanding the history of oppression, power, privilege, and how they all manifest individually, culturally, and systemically.