Powerlifting Summary: Strong Life Tampa Athlete

I started weight training consistently in July 2015. In November I decided I wanted to get serious about training and was introduced to Powerlifting a competitive strength sport that consists of 3 lifts-the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift.  After one week of training at the Strong Life Tampa Bay Facility I was thrown into my first powerlifting meet. The 2015 Tony Conyers Extravaganza.
November 2015-Tony Conyers Extravaganza| Location: Strong Life Training Training Facility
Squat: 260 (missed last attempt), Bench:185 (missed last attempt), Deadlift: 320 (missed last attempt), Total: 765

At the Strong Life Tampa Bay Training Facility. First squat attempt (2015).


Strong Life Squad-February 2016-Florida State Meet| Location: Strong Life Tampa Bay Training Facility 

181lb Weight class: Squat: 260 (not enough depth in last attempt), Bench: 190 (missed last attempt), Deadlift: 365 (missed last attempt), Total: 815lbs

At the Florida State Meeting starring down the weight. This was a successful pull and PR 365lbs. Strong Life Tampa Bay Training Facility 2016.

“The Jenn” Rotsinger Empowerment Meet| Location: The Cuban Club
165lb weight class: Numbers were in KGs and maybe a little off, the total however is correct. Squat: 287 (missed last attempt), Bench: 185 (missed last attempt), Deadlift: 348 (missed last attempt), Total: 820. Wasn’t overall happy with my performance in this meet. Thankful for the experience, it was a wonderful meet.

With my Strong Life teammate, Tiff Conyers after the meet.


Some of the Strong Life Squad after the meet. From left to right-Ian, Tiff, Evelyn, Me, Coach JC, and Coach Tony Conyers.

2016 Tony Conyers Extravaganza| Tampa Bay Convention Center
165 lb weight class: Squat: 340 (missed last attempt), Bench 175 (missed last attempt), Deadlift 370 (missed last attempt), Total: 885. Overall I felt happy with my performance. Coming right off the training cycle from the Jenn we hit this last training cycle hard! I felt confident in my squat going in, a lift that I used to hesitate with. My bench has definitely hit a plateau. I’m SO close to breaking through 200lbs. I know I need to work on and improve my leg drive. My deadlift I also need to improve technique and get my but down. I feel strong in the lift and know that I can pull 400lbs. I’m coming for it. I’m looking forward to amping up my conditioning with the team and deciding which meet is next.

At the Tampa Bay Convention Center for getting ready to compete in the Tony Conyers Extravaganza


Setting up for the 400lb Deadlift attempt 2016.


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